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Slurry pump overflow parts material selection

Sep 25,2023

Slurry pump overflow parts material selection

Slurry pump is mainly used to convey solid-liquid mixture containing hard particles, widely used in coal, metallurgy, mining, thermal power, chemical industry, water conservancy and other industries. The transported solid-liquid mixture in the high-speed rotating impeller presents non-regular movement, the pump overflow parts in this "liquid sand wheel" working conditions, subject to strong wear and tear, but also to bear the corrosion of the medium, resulting in shortening the life of overflow parts. Therefore, the design of slurry pump is fundamentally different from the design of water pump. The design of clean water pump mainly pursues efficiency and cavitation index, while slurry pump should focus on cavitation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. while pursuing efficiency.

There are many factors involved in the wear of slurry pump overflow parts, and the wear mechanism varies from part to part, but in general it can be divided into three categories.

 1, Erosion Wear

During the operation of the slurry pump, the solid particles carried in the liquid impact the surface of the overflow components at a certain speed, causing material loss. According to the analysis of the wear surface of the failed parts, the erosion wear mechanism can be divided into cutting wear, deformation fatigue wear and cutting + deformation composite wear

 2, Cavitation Damage

In the operation of the pump, the local area of its overflow components for some reason, the absolute pressure of the pumped liquid down to the vaporization pressure at the prevailing temperature, the liquid will begin to vaporize at the place, generating steam and forming bubbles. These bubbles flow forward with the liquid, to a high pressure, the bubble shrinks sharply to collapse. In the bubble condensation at the same time, the liquid mass to fill the void at high speed, and a strong impact on the metal surface. The metal surface is fatigued by this impact and spalling, resulting in material loss, and in severe cases the metal surface is honeycombed.

 3, Corrosion

When the transported medium has a certain degree of acidity and alkalinity, slurry pump overflow parts will also occur corrosion and wear, that is, the loss of material under the joint action of corrosion and wear.

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