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6/4YD-G Gravel Pump

The sand and gravel pump is mainly used for continuous conveying of strong abrasive materials that cannot be conveyed by general slurry pumps due to too large particles. It is suitable for dredging, sucking gravel, dredging river channels, mining and metal smelting and blasting slag transportation.
  • Commodity name: 6/4YD-G Gravel Pump
  • Description
  • Product Characteristics

    G (GH) dredging pump is a product of imported technology The mud pump is composed of pump head, seal assembly, bearing assembly, bracket, etc. Bearing lubrication is grease lubrication The front guard plate and rear guard plate of the impeller pump body of the overflow parts are all made of strong wear-resistant alloy cast iron or wear-resistant alloy steel with hardness not less than 58HRC.

    Model Analysis

    Application field

    The single-stage single-suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pump has the advantages of light weight, good cavitation performance, strong abrasion resistance, easy installation and use through the flow channel, etc. It can continuously transport large particles and strong abrasion mud and sand, and is suitable for dredging rivers by dredgers.

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