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WN Dredging Pump

The sand and gravel pump is mainly used for continuous conveying of strong abrasive materials that cannot be conveyed by general slurry pumps due to too large particles. It is suitable for dredging, sucking gravel, dredging river channels, mining and metal smelting and blasting slag transportation.
  • Commodity name: WN Dredging Pump


  • Description
  • Product characteristics

    This series of mud pumps has the characteristics of integral structure, good ship usability, excellent dredging performance, long service life, high efficiency, reliable use of shaft seal, remarkable comprehensive economic benefits, etc. It can meet the requirements of dredgers for mud pumps. Each set of products has passed CCS ship inspection of China Classification Society.

    Model analysis

    Application field

    At present, the series of mud pumps have been successfully supplied with nearly 100 sets of dredgers of 80m3/h100m3/h120m3/h200m3/h cutter suction type 350 m3/bucket wheel type and cutter suction type 500 m3/cutter suction type in China, which have made great contributions to dredging and dredging of ports and docks in rivers, lakes and seas such as Yangtze River Basin, Yellow River Basin, Pearl River Delta and Huaihe River Basin in China

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